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'I'm a victim': Nadia Sawalha opens up about health woes caused by 'ridiculous addiction'

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Loose Women panellist who has appeared on the show since it began in 1999, has always spoken openly about her health. From posting about having a hysteroscopy, and encouraging women to look out for symptoms that something may not be right with their womb, Nadia is now sharing her top product for maintaining the health of her eyes after taking her sight for granted when she was younger.Speaking exclusively to, Nadia said: “I've always suffered with dry scratchy eyes.

Ever since I was wearing contact lenses - because I started wearing contact lenses when I was really young.“So I've worn contact lenses since I was a teenager and over wore them when I went clubbing and kept them in until four in the morning, or slept in them.

I didn't really look after my eyes very well, which I can’t believe now."The Loose Women panellist then dished on her obsession which has not helped with her health woes - she is admittedly addicted to her mobile phone.“The other thing is I use my phone so much which is really bad for your eyes.

Over the last ten years, my phone use has reached ridiculous levels.To look into a small screen like this. An eye specialist I was talking to said the bigger the screen the better, like a massive TV is actually good for your eyes.“So I am a victim of phone addiction.

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