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How ‘Back to the Future’ inspired time-travel series ‘The Lazarus Project’

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“I May Destroy You,” takes the time-traveling route in “The Lazarus Project” on TNT.Essiedu plays George, who wakes up one morning to find that he’s seemingly repeating a day that happened six months ago yet nobody else seems to notice.

He thinks he’s losing his grip on reality until he learns about a top-secret international organization called The Lazarus Project that uses time travel to stop mass-extinction events. (He’s told that the world has already ended several times, including once in the ’60s when Russia and America launched nuclear warheads at each other — but The Lazarus Project was able to undo it).

Essiedu, 32, said he enjoys series in which time travel plays a main role.“I loved ‘Russian Doll.’ I haven’t watched the second [season] yet but I thought the first one was brilliant,” he told The Post. “‘Back to the Future’ is a classic.

I think this show [‘The Lazarus Project’]  pulls on strands of all of that, and tries to create something that feels unique.

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