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Heidi Klum's husband thinks the couple's dogs might have been poisoned

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Heidi Klum's husband Tom Kaulitz is suspicious about the couple's dogs' cause of death. Tom and his brother Bill Kaulitz spoke about the death of their three dogs in a new episode of the podcast, "Kaulitz Hills - Senf aus Hollywood." Tom Kaulitz and Klum lost their 15-year-old German short-haired pointer and their 4-year-old Irish Wolfhound in the same month.

Bill's bulldog also passed away in February. The timing of all three dogs' deaths led the families to become suspicious. "Stitch is also at an autopsy, where we hope to learn a few more things," Bill said in German on the podcast, per People magazine. "Sadly, we also had to think about whether it might be the case that everything is connected." Tom added, "It's so sad that you have to think that there is someone who wants to harm you so much that he kills your animals.

Is there a lunatic out there?" The two questioned if the dogs had been poisoned. Bill explained that his 4-year-old bulldog has never had any health issues. "He was never sick, never had to go to the doctor," the German singer-songwriter explained. "And then, one Sunday, he suddenly collapsed and fell over.

I was in shock." Tom honored his dog Anton in an Instagram post after his death. "I will never understand why life took you from me so early, so unexpectedly, so sudden, only days after we lost our Capper, when you were only 4 years old and we both still had so many plans together," he wrote.

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