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Halle Bailey's 'The Little Mermaid' Hair Carried a $150,000 Price Tag & Took Hours - Here's Why

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Halle Bailey looks amazing in The Little Mermaid, but her hair carried a hefty price tag. The 23-year-old actress and singer dyed her hair red to replicate Ariel’s signature look.

However, she wanted to maintain her locs for the role. The hairstylist behind engineering the look opened up about the process and why it cost approximately $150,000 and took upwards of 14 hours to complete. Read more about Halle Bailey’s hair in The Little Mermaid… Camille Friend did Halle‘s hair for the movie, and she opened up about the process in an interview with Variety.

While she was determined to maintain Halle‘s hair, she knew that a wig “just wasn’t going to work.” “Halle’s locs are down to her waist, over 24 inches.

And putting her in a wig was going to look crazy,” she explained. Instead, she developed a process of wrapping red hair around her locs. “If we take hair and wrap it around her locs, we don’t have to cut them and we don’t have to color them.

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