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Garth Brooks on His Viral Moment Meeting Jelly Roll: 'That Kid Was a Joy to Me' (Exclusive)

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Garth Brooks has nothing but good things to say about fellow country singer Jelly Roll. Earlier this month, Jelly Roll met Brooks, his longtime hero, at the ACM Awards in Frisco, Texas, and video of their heartwarming meeting went viral.

Jelly Roll met Brooks backstage and excitedly picked him up and lifted him into the air by way of introduction.«I got to see Garth Brooks at the ACM Awards and I was so excited I picked him up,» Jelly Roll told ET earlier this week at the  finale. «I didn't mean to and I didn't know it until the clip went viral.»After that meeting, ET's Cassie DiLaura talked to Brooks in Las Vegas — where he's currently performing his Garth Brooks/Plus ONE residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace — and asked about the memorable moment between him and Jelly Roll. «He was very sweet,» Brooks said. «I don't know much about his music yet, simply because the generations are different.

But I can tell you in three minutes talking with him, you're in love with the kid. He was raised right.»Noting the camaraderie between country music artists, Brooks continued, «They're just the sweetest, most polite people and that kid was a joy to me.» Jelly Roll was on hand in Vegas for Brooks' residency and called it the «best show ever.» He even went backstage and had another funny moment with Brooks.

Detailing their second meeting to ET earlier this week, Jelly Roll said, «I'm watching it, I leave, I go backstage. I get to see him again, he holds his hands out, but he goes, 'But don't hurt me this time, big fella.'» Jelly Roll explained how Brooks' music has been an inspiration to him throughout his life. «Man, I grew up with him in my household.

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