Furious man rammed sportscar off the road because he thought the driver had mocked his little orange Punto

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A furious driver rammed another car off the road and forced one of its passengers to jump for his life after he wrongly accused them of mocking his orange Fiat Punto.

Brian Kendall, 28, had been waiting for his girlfriend at a petrol station when he overheard the driver of an Audi S1 say to a pal in a BMW: ''My car's faster than yours.'' Mistakenly assuming the barb had been aimed at him, father of two Kendall chased after both cars in his 124mph Sporting M-Jet, pulled up alongside them at traffic lights and said: ''What the f*** were you saying you little s**t?’ READ MORE : 'My dad 'would probably forgive you...' but 'without him I don't think we can' He then drove onto a pavement to block the Audi, reversing towards it at speed before

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