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Footballers' Wives' Laila Rouass insists the show was 'tame' compared to real life

She shot to fame in Footballers’ Wives, the noughties drama whose storylines were so ludicrous it became a cult hit. Laila Rouass played glamorous bisexual Amber Gates, whose baby was swapped at birth by a midwife who had been bribed by her rival, found out husband Conrad had been cheating on her after finding the letter T scratched on to his buttocks and faked her own kidnap to get back with him.

But the actress believes that rather than being hilariously far-fetched, the show she starred in for two years was actually ahead of its time.

Laila, who joined the show in 2004, says: “Some people said it was outrageous, but when you read now what footballers have been up to, you realise that we were tame.

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