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‘Duality’, ‘Life & Life’, ‘The Year Of The Dog’, ‘Wages Of Sin’, ‘Chapel’, ‘Addict Named Hal’, ‘Spread’, ‘Find Her,’ And ‘Wonderfully Made — LGBTQ+R(eligion)’ – Film Briefs

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EXCLUSIVE: Buffalo 8 has announced the release of Duality to Amazon Video, AppleTV and iTunes, YouTube, Google Play and Vudu, on Friday, October 21.

Director Ryan Dowling was granted unprecedented access to an all-star roster of graffiti and street artists including “Dual Streets,” “Sloke,” “Meres,” “Jaber/White Ninja,” and “Never.”Once brushed aside – even deemed criminal – graffiti has since paved the way for many successful, credible artists today.

With Duality, these street artists– some for the first time, some maintaining a strict code of anonymity – discuss their journeys from “tagging” to becoming respected icons in the cities they serve with pieces that are awe-inspiring in scope, size and complexity.

They have collectively proven that their genre of art is something that can influence culture, evoke emotion, inspire, and cultivate community.

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