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Driver forged fake delivery notes to avoid paying 11 parking fines

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A driver forged fake delivery notes to try and avoid paying for 11 parking fines. James Barford, 34, was fined £2,200 for his crimes when he could have paid just £385 for the initial parking charges, reports Leicestershire Live.

Leicester Magistrates Court heard that the 34-year-old had accumulated several charges for parking illegally in a loading bay and a residents’ parking zone near his place of employment.

In response to the charges, Barford forged six fake delivery notes to challenge the fines.The 34-year-old then was caught parking in a permit-only residential area in the outskirts of Leicester city centre and charged once again.

He then faked another five delivery notes in an attempt to dodge paying the fines. An investigation by Leicester City Council discovered that Barford had claimed to be making deliveries for business and customers on behalf of a company called JB Designs LTD.

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