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Dog's killing leads to Brooklyn progressive civil war over 'social justice,' New York Times reports

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After a dog was allegedly killed by a homeless man in a wealthy and progressive Brooklyn neighborhood, the town’s residents soon turned against each other in the name of "social justice," according to a New York Times report.

On Aug. 3, Jessica Chrustic, a White woman, was walking her dog through Prospect Park in Park Slope, when she was confronted by a Black man she had noticed in days past, muttering to himself, cursing, and carrying a staff, according to the Times report.

As she tried to skirt by the man, the individual hurled a bottle of urine at Chrustic and her dog, named Moose. She attempted to run, but Moose pulled towards the man in an attempt to defend his owner.The man whipped his stick around, grazing Chrustic, before connecting hard with the dog’s snout.

Police arrived within minutes, but the man had disappeared. Soon after, Chrustic recounted the incident on the neighborhood watch app Nextdoor, and warned others about the man, providing his description.

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