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Doctor's horror after disturbing evidence suggests man was sent to morgue alive

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Chilling evidence has been uncovered that implies a man may have still been alive and been struggling to get out of his body bag after he was sent to a morgue in Australia.

A disturbed doctor discovered the deceased man the following day with his eyes open, fresh blood on his gown and lying in a different position than which he was rested.These shock findings suggested to the medic that the man, who has been named as Kevin Reid by local media, may have passed away in the morgue after being enclosed in the bag.

The 55-year-old had been receiving palliative care at Rockingham General Hospital in Western Australia, where he was believed to have died on September 5.

Mr Reid was taken to the morgue after staff apparently confirmed his death to his family but there was a delay in his death certificate being processed, the Mirror reports.

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