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Dianna Agron Looks for Her Estranged Father in 'Acidman' Trailer - Watch Now

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The first trailer for Dianna Agron‘s new movie has been released. The 36-year-old Glee actress stars opposite Thomas Haden Church in the movie Acidman directed by Alex Lehmann.

The movie follows “Maggie (Agron) as she travels over 2,000 miles to find her estranged father Lloyd (Church) who is living a reclusive life in the woods of Oregon.

A loner hiding out from the rest of the world, Lloyd’s one true love is spotting the lights of UFOs from his backwoods property, and with his daughter’s help, he hopes to make first contact with the otherworldly visitors,” according to Collider. Keep reading to find out more… Alex co-wrote the script with Chris Dowling. Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris also stars in the movie.

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