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Defiant viral prankster Mizzy ‘does what he wants’ after dangerous stunt backlash

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recent interview with Piers Morgan, the defiant hellion declared that he could do what he wanted and even accused the host of racism for criticizing his behavior.“This whole public out-roar just makes me laugh,” the 18-year-old TikTokker — known as Mizzy online — told The Post columnist during the “Piers Morgan Uncensored” segment, which he appeared on following a court appearance.O’Garro had been slapped with a $400 fine over the now-infamous gag in which he and his friends entered a London family’s home without their permission, distressing the homeowners and their young kids.

The London native’s other stunts have included stealing someone’s dog, jumping over Orthodox Jewish people in a leapfrog style, ripping up library books and even appearing to threaten strangers’ lives in jest, the Mirror reported.However, Mizzy didn’t appear too ashamed about his antics, as evidenced by his response to Morgan’s questions during the interruption-filled segment.“You take a dog from an elderly woman, leapfrog over the top of an Orthodox Jewish man standing at the side of the road minding his business, you go up to women in the street and say, ‘Do you want to die?’ ” the British broadcaster declared. “Why in the name of prankster humor, why cause so much alarm and distress to so many people?

You get your kicks out of doing that?” O’Garro replied that the reaction was a bit silly as “people are getting hurt over something that didn’t happen to them.”Flabbergasted over the flippant response, Morgan asked the Londoner if he had “remorse” for his actions.“Of course I care, I have remorse.

But I am legally an adult now so I can do what I want,” declared the teen, who claimed that the “UK laws are weak.”When asked if his family condones.

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