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‘Dallas’ star Patrick Duffy reveals secret behind lasting romance with 'Happy Days' actress Linda Purl

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For Patrick Duffy, the secret behind his lasting romance with Linda Purl is keeping things hot — in the kitchen. The "Dallas" actor and "Happy Days" actress hit it off in 2020 during a group text chat amid the coronavirus pandemic.They enjoyed a slow courtship, or what Purl once described as "a very Victorian process," where they spent weeks talking before sharing a kiss.

Duffy revealed that cooking has been essential in their blossoming romance. "When we got together, I can actually remember I arrived late in the afternoon, and we had dinner, and we cooked dinner in the kitchen," the 73-year-old told People magazine on Wednesday. "And it was a dance that we had never done together, but the choreography was known to both of us." Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl were friends but reconnected during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. (Getty) "Linda is a master cook, and I learn every day from the way that she cooks," he said. "Our lifestyles make us very compatible in almost every conceivable way — in the kitchen, the way we cook, the way we clean, the way we function together as individuals." Duffy noted that the pair work together "seamlessly" both in business and in their personal lives.The couple recently teamed up to launch a sourdough brand. "I’m really proud of both of us in the fact that nothing gets in the way of our relationship or our ability to function in the world because we are in fact in love with each other," he said.

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