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Dad with no symptoms diagnosed with cancer after random NHS screening invite

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A fit and healthy dad was diagnosed with lung cancer after randomly receiving a letter to take part in a mass screening. Jeff Smith was one of several Salford residents offered to take part in the NHS screening and decided to sign-up due to a family history of the disease.

The dad-of-one ended up taking part the same day the letter arrived after a cancellation meant a spot opened up for him. However, when doctors called him 24 hours later, he was left shocked to discover he had a 9mm cancerous growth in his lung.

Jeff, who lost his mum, uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather to the disease, says receiving the diagnosis was one of the most frightening moments of his life.

But just a few weeks after the test, he was given miraculous news. Fortunately, the cancer had been caught early enough that he could undergo 'cure' surgery, Manchester Evening News reports.

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