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Cost of crime to the economy rockets by £36bn in just five years, claims Labour

The “cost of crime” has soared by £36billion in the past five years, Labour claimed tonight. The party says the “hit to the economy” rocketed from £59billion in 2015/16 to to £95bn in the last year.

The calculation comes after Labour updated the Government’s 2018 study on the “cost of crime”, which shows that offences against individuals are estimated to have cost £72.5bn, up from £50.1bn in 2015/16.

The cost of homicide has reached £2.6bn, up from £1.8bn six years ago; violent offences cost £28.9bn, up from £20.6bn; rape cost £8.6bn, up from £4.8bn and the cost of robberies doubled from £2.2bn to £4.2bn.

Labour said the price of commercial crime rose by £14bn, with the estimated number of robberies increasing fourfold, driving an increase

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