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Clare Holt Opens Up About Past Miscarriages, Has Come To Realize ‘I’m Not So Alone’

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Clare Holt is getting candid about suffering a miscarriage, and how opening up about her experience led her to realize many other women were going through the same thing.

The “Vampire Diaries” alum spoke with People at the premiere for her new Peacock series, “Based on a True Story”. “After my miscarriage, I spent hours on the internet just looking for someone to tell me what I was feeling was normal and for someone to tell me that it wasn’t my fault,” said Holt, who is pregnant with her third child. “I would Google, and I would find these message boards or blog posts of these women who are open and vulnerable.

And then I realized, okay, this is not something I did. And then I realized these women helped me so much, and I have an obligation to share my stories because maybe someday someone will be reading and looking for someone to connect with,” she added. READ MORE: Claire Holt Opens Up About Her Miscarriage: ‘I Felt Broken And Ashamed’ “When I did share, I think it was a number of years ago now, but I think there was over 40,000 comments of women and men sharing their stories.

And it was just such a beautiful healing thing for me. And I made that decision then that I was always going to be open and honest with my journey because that’s the meaning of life,” Holt continued. “It’s been so wonderful to read the stories of so many women.

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