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Chris Pine Cut His Long Hair All Because of One Comment From His Publicist

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Chris Pine is opening up about his decision to finally cut his hair after having long locks for the first half of 2022.

The 42-year-old actor, who stars in the new Dungeons & Dragons movie, had his long hair while appearing at the Venice Film Festival last year for his movie Don’t Worry Darling. Chris was enjoying his hair, until his publicist made a comment that changed everything! Keep reading to find out more… “I thought I was looking pretty, pretty fly, the hair was long, everything was happening, and my publicist said I looked like Rachel from Friends,” Chris told Esquire. “I couldn’t unhear it,” he said, “And it was the first day and my first time in Venice…” “It was a long flight to f—ing Italy,” he said. “I was so jet lagged and then you get thrown into a press conference where you get to talk about a film you made five and a half years ago.

I was just tired, frankly.” In the same interview, Chris talked about the allegations that Harry Styles spit on him while they were at the festival! Look back at Chris Pine’s long hair in the gallery…

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