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Brad Pitt hasn't always had a 'good' skincare routine

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Brad Pitt hasn't always had a "good" skincare routine. The 58-year-old star admitted that while he is "looked after" with his complexion these days, things we'ren't always that way but takes advice from his long-time makeup artist and likes to keep things "simple. " Asked if he has always had a good routine, he said: "No.

Well, when I'm looked after, I do [have a good skincare routine]. I just want to keep it simple, you know what I mean? That said, I'm actually thorough now.

I've been whipped into shape by my dear make-up artist friend – we started together 30 years ago – Jean Black. She is pretty special.

So whenever we're on a film she keeps me healthy, and then she's like, 'try this' and 'try that. '" The 'Mr and Mrs Smith' actor has now been inspired to launch the skincare brand Le Domaine - which utilises grape-based antioxidants across a Serum, Cream, Fluid Cream and Cleansing Emulsion - but insisted he wouldn't have started the project unless he felt he had something "valid" to offer.

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