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Bonhill six-year-old boy has raised over £500 for Cancer Research by doing keepy-ups

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A charitable Bonhill six-year-old boy has raised more than £500 for Cancer Research UK by doing keepy-ups.Aiden Yuill was shown the Bobby Moore Keepy Uppy Challenge in aid of Cancer Research UK by his mum Jan several weeks ago whilst looking for a football team for her son to join.The boy baller was enthralled when he saw he could help people by just playing football and has been hooked to the challenge ever since – raising £510 so far.Proud mum Jan Yuill, 41, said: “He does not know the full nitty gritty understanding of what he’s helping.

All he cares about is that he’s helping so many people.“He is aware of illnesses because of when my mum was not well, and because Cancer Research UK has always been a charity close to our family’s heart.“I told him it was for a charity, and his eyes lit up when I told him he could raise pennies to help people by doing keepy-ups.

As soon as you mention football he wants to do it.“I started the target at £80 because it was his first fundraiser, and any money raised would help someone.“But, the amount of money he has raised so far has blown me away.

It has been amazing how the support has been.“He keeps coming home, and he’s excited to do the challenge. Even when we went on a trip to Glasgow, we took a balloon with us so he could continue to do it.

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