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‘Bombay Rose’ Director Gitanjali Rao Talks “Experimental” Pipeline Used To Bring Painterly Debut Feature To Life

When writer/director Gitanjali Rao set out to make her debut feature, Bombay Rose, she introduced a large team of artists into her own idiosyncratic process for the first time.

The challenge, in doing so, was to preserve the singular aesthetic that she’d refined over the course of decades, still hitting on the sense of intimacy that one feels, in viewing a film made by just one person.A visionary who burst onto the world stage in 2006 with her Cannes-premiering short Printed Rainbow, Rao didn’t have to wait long for Hollywood to come knocking. “It was easy for me to hop onto films, which were made in the conventional style of either 2D or 3D animation,” she says. “But I resisted that.”What truly interested her was the idea of bringing a

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