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‘Black Bird’ Finale: Paul Walter Hauser On [SPOILER]’s Downfall, Time Spent With Ray Liotta, His Upcoming Film ‘National Anthem’ With Sydney Sweeney, His Work On ‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 & More

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SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains details from Friday’s Black Bird series finale.When Apple TV+’s six-episode psychological thriller Black Bird reached its conclusion on Friday, one of the criminals at its center was redeemed—the other, condemned.The episode titled “You Promised” finds drug dealer turned FBI informant Jimmy Keene (Taron Egerton) getting increasingly aggressive, in his quest to get answers out of Larry Hall (Paul Walter Hauser)—the serial confessor revealed to be a serial killer, who won’t reveal where his bodies are buried.In a bid to get home to his ailing father Big Jim (Ray Liotta), who in this episode is seen suffering a stroke, Jimmy looks to use Larry’s ego against him via a bit of reverse psychology.

Larry, he says, is a liar—a teller of tall tales full of rapes and murders that he hasn’t, in fact, committed. In this way, he triggers the killer’s rage, which leads him to draw out a map displaying the locations of his victims’ bodies for Jimmy to see.At this point, Jimmy makes one final attempt at appealing to Larry’s humanity—imploring him to go public with his knowledge of the victims’ whereabouts, so that their loved ones can come to some sort of peace.

But of course, Larry is about to appeal his current prison sentence, and wouldn’t risk his freedom for anyone. He teases Jimmy, telling him that he’s dug graves for almost all of his victims that no one will ever find, which sends Jimmy into a rage of his own, leading him to reveal that his friendship with Larry has been a fraud, and that he’s been working to make sure he will never again see the outside world.

Larry charges Jimmy, full of fury, before the two are separated by prison guards.Hall ultimately loses his appeal and returns

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