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Beyoncé Kicks Off 'Cuff It Season' by Sharing Her Favorite Fan Videos

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Beyoncé is setting her fans up for cuffing season! On Thursday, the 41-year-old musician shared an Instagram Guide filled with videos of fans taking part in the dance challenge set to the singer's  single, «Cuff It.» The dance challenge began on TikTok in August after users Maycee (@maycsteele) and Kaitlyn (@ogpartyhardy26) posted a video pregaming and dancing along to the song.

The moves quickly caught on as other TikTok members followed the dance moves and added their unique twists — even sharing stories instead of dancing.

The viral trend earned the original sound for «Cuff It» over 60,000 uses.A post shared by Maycee Steele (@mayceesteele)In that vein, Beyoncé rounded up 25 of her favorite videos to feature in her guide, naming them her «Cuff It Picks.» The guide features videos made by professional dancers, pediatric surgeons, wedding parties and even famous faces like tWitch and his wife, Allison Holker.A post shared by #BlackDentistsMatter (@blackdentistsmatter)A post shared by brianpuspos (@brianpuspos)A post shared by Allison Holker (@allisonholker)It’s been two months since Beyoncé released her long-awaited seventh studio album and the acclaimed project is still trending.

Fans eagerly await whatever follows «Act I,» but, despite teasing fans with brief glimpses of visuals paired with songs from the album, the pop star has been suspiciously low-key for this project's promotional cycle.

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