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B.J. Novak Reveals His Thoughts on a Reboot of 'The Office'

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B.J. Novak is opening up about the fate of The Office. The 43-year-old star got candid on Deadline‘s Crew Call podcast about the possibility of a revival of the hit TV series.

During the conversation, he was asked about the NBC show, in which he starred as Ryan Howard. Click inside to read more… “I don’t know contractually, but I know spiritually, it’s a pure Greg Daniels thing (decision).

Everyone knows he is the person who controls the rights to The Office, spiritually, creatively the American Office,” he said, referring to the fact that The Office is based on the UK series of the same name. “Definitely you wouldn’t get everyone back together, that ship has sailed,” he added of a potential revival cast. “I think it’s more if there’s anything to mine creatively that’s fresh.

I think it needs to be approached as an artistic decision, not as a financial decision. I worry that there’s so much financial pressure, understandably, to mine this precious metal in the ground called The Office reboot, spinoff or whatever,” he continued. “The Office originally was done for the opposite of money.

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