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Amanda Seyfried has guilt over love of The Bachelor

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Gallery: 'I was a victim of social exploitation'. . . Why Cameron Diaz quit Hollywood (BANG Showbiz)Amanda admitted she hadn't seen the most recent episode of the show but said: "I know Rachel was in a tizzy. " The show's co-host, Julia Cunningam, replied: "She was in a tizzy.

You know, when anyone's having a high moment this season, the other one's having a full breakdown is what's happening. " Amanda said: "Which is genius.

I am most passionate about that direction from now on. I don't know how you can do it any other way because now, you don't hold all the cards. "But I also love looking for the authenticity that you so rarely see.

I will say, I think Gabby is the most self-reflective, self-confident [woman]. "Yes, she has her issues, we all do, but she expresses herself in a way, articulates herself in a way, that I really appreciate and I don't think I've ever seen.

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