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'A League of Their Own' Stars Abbi Jacobson and D'Arcy Carden Dish on Decades-Long Best Friendship (Exclusive)

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Abbi Jacobson and D'Arcy Carden are starring together in the new TV adaptation of, and getting the chance to work together in a big way after a long friendship.ET's Cassie DiLaura was on the carpet at the premier of the new Amazon Prime Video series in Los Angeles on Thursday, and spoke with the pair about their history together.«I feel really lucky that I get to do this with her,» shared Jacobson, who is both a star and co-creator of the show. «I met D'Arcy in a commercial acting class and I just feel like this is just the [next level].

Like we've worked together in but not like in this capacity and it just felt so special.»«It made the dynamic of Carson and Greta just sort of jump way ahead,» Jacobson added, referring to her character, Carson Shaw, and Carden's Greta Gill. «The chemistry's there cause we're so close as friends, and yeah, I just feel really lucky.»The characters also have a number of intimate scenes in the series, which both Jacobson and Carden said were ultimately made easier because of their pre-existing friendship.«I think it's actually a little bit easier, once you get past that moment.

Because its such a weird thing to do on set with like a full crew… But when you have the person that you're doing it with as like a safe place, its so [much better].»According to Carden, «It's a strange thing to do an intimate scene with anyone on camera, but it was easier and more fun,» with Jacobson.«Honestly, the weirdness went away really fast,» she added. «Abby and I both love out characters so much… we loved their relationship and wanted to honor it and give it the respect it deserves so it was just about telling the story.» premieres Aug.

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