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5 Healthy Habits: Easy Things You Can Do Every Day for Your Health

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do love a good glass of red wine (or two) while you’re cooking. (And doesn’t that have some health benefits? That’s right, you’re in it for the !) Likewise, getting to bed earlier is a forever goal for just about everyone we know, but something always gets in the way–I mean, you’re midway through season two of Indian Matchmaking, and who can watch just one episode at a time?

And, of course, there’s healthy eating and physical activity. It’s too easy to drown out the symphony of naggy little voices reminding you to make better choices in those departments.

We’re not here to add another naggy voice. Instead, here’s a different strategy: Rather than set unreachable goals that are sure to leave you beating yourself up for all your healthy-lifestyle shortcomings, add in an easy new healthy habit that’s super, extra doable.

Once it becomes part of your routine, build off that momentum by adding one more. Stacking mini healthy habits can quickly add up to serious health benefits—and give you the willpower (and the well-being) to take on bigger challenges.

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