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22 Kids and Counting's Sue Radford breaks down as she opens up on baby loss

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Channel 5 programme 22 Kids and Counting. The reality show follows the couple's journey as they open up about what it's like to have 22 children and the struggles they face.

However, at one point in their lives, the couple made the decision to stop having children when Noel underwent a vasectomy. In 2004, after their ninth child James, the couple called it quits when Noel had a vasectomy - a decision the couple later regretted.

Noel admitted at the time he "was peer-pressured" into having the procedure. However, after realising they wanted to expand their family further, Noel had the surgery reversed.

The couple, who went on to have a further 13 children, opened up on their YouTube channel about how the decision affected their lives. READ MORE: Antiques Roadshow expert uncovers staggering value of £1 broochThey also opened up about what it was like to lose their unborn baby, Alfie.

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