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11 hepatitis symptoms including vomiting and itchy skin as more children fall ill

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Cases of hepatitis in children have increased as four more youngsters were diagnosed with the mystery illness in Scotland. Public Health Scotland (PHS) confirmed a total of 26 cases in an update on May 12 as the total number of UK cases has reached 176.The majority of the cases worldwide have been reported in the UK and the World Health Organization (WHO) said there are 348 probable cases globally as of Tuesday.In its update, PHS said the most common hepatitis symptoms of the children affected are jaundice and vomiting.

The health body went on to advise Scottish parents on how to recognise jaundice, other signs, and when to contact a health professional.

In January this year, an increase of sudden onset hepatitis (liver inflammation) infections was first detected in children under the age of 10.

The most probable cause of the outbreak is a strain of adenovirus called F41, reports the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), as the usual viruses that cause infectious hepatitis (hepatitis A to E) have not been detected.Health officials say there is no evidence of any link to the Covid vaccine - the majority of cases are under five-years-old, and thus too young to have received a jab. "Overall, only a very small number of children have been admitted to hospital and the current risk to children of severe hepatitis remains extremely low," said PHS in the update.

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