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‘The Flash’ producer says Ezra Miller movie still on despite ‘Batgirl’ disaster

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spectacularly axed sister flick “Batgirl.”Both films form part of the DC Extended Universe, with whispers growing that “The Flash” could be the next franchise flick to be canned due to disturbing assault and grooming allegations leveled at lead actor Ezra Miller.

But on Thursday, producer Barbara Muschietti reportedly attempted to shut down such speculation, saying the movie is still slated to hit cinemas next summer. “All is well in Flash land,” Muschietti, 50, allegedly wrote to a fan in a private Instagram message, which was subsequently shared on Twitter. “The Flash,” directed by the Argentine producer’s brother Andy Muschietti, 48, is set to feature several crossover characters who would also have appeared in “Batgirl” — including Michael Keaton, 70, in his much-hyped return as Batman.On Tuesday, The Post was first to break the news that “Batgirl” — which reportedly cost between $70 million to $100 million — had been shelved by Warner Bros.

after being poorly received at test screenings. A source revealed that the movie studio decided to cut its losses for the sake of the DC brand.

Late night update! The Scarlet Speedster is still expected to hit theaters worldwide on June 23, 2023.Amid the recent DCEU shakeup, THE FLASH producer, Barbara Muschietti, wants to reassure fans that ‘all is good in Flash land.’ #TheFlash for now, the movie studio seems to be standing by “The Flash” — which has surprised some media pundits.“The fact that they’re shelving ‘Batgirl’ but still planning to release that ‘The Flash’ movie and praying somehow no one has read a single Ezra Miller story online for the past two years is … a choice,” journalist Lacy Baugher Milas tweeted.

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