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'I quit toxic £121k job – it was like Wolf of Wall Street with strippers and drunks'

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Natalie Viglione endured chauvinism akin to the likes of The Wolf of Wall Street’s Jordan Belfort and Mad Men’s Don Draper.Although she was earning upwards of $150,000 (£121,000) a year, she decided to leave it all behind.Natalie exclusively told Daily Star: “[My salary] could've kept going higher and higher, plus all of the bonus potentials.“It was a lot to say bye-bye to but all so incredibly worth it!”She's shared the truth about the work environments she experienced and how she left to start her own business after feeling like her soul was leaving her body.“As a woman, high-level male execs will always make you feel like you have to be ‘one of the guys’ to succeed,” she said.“If you’ve seen Mad Men or The Wolf of Wall Street it’s real, and it’s alive to this day.

Any after work meeting would inevitably end up in a strip club.“One time I was looking for the restroom and accidentally walked into a closed-off room and caught one of the male executives in the act with a stripper.“I honestly think it will be etched into my brain for the rest of my life.”Unfortunately, the toxicity she’s experienced often came from some of the highest-ranking men in the company.“One of the top execs was a narcissistic disaster and he was drunk all the time,” she explained.“No woman would have gotten away with behaving that way.

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