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"I am sorry" - Health Secretary Humza Yousaf apologies for ambulance and treatment waits for Scots

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Health Secretary Humza Yousaf has told Scots “I am sorry” over long waits for ­treatment in our crisis-hit NHS. With three-quarters of a million people now waiting for treatment, appointments and tests, Yousaf told the Daily Record in an exclusive ­interview: “Everybody languishing on a waiting list is clearly an ­unacceptable situation.

If you or a family member have waited for an ambulance too long, waited for treatment for too long, I am sorry.”The under-fire Health Secretary told the Record he would leave “no stone unturned” to try to avoid a winter crisis in our hospitals.

With waiting times at an all-time high, the ambulance service in crisis and a series of damaging strikes planned over pay, Yousaf insisted he was on top of the situation and rejected opposition calls to quit.If strikes go ahead, Yousaf said he could draft in other emergency services to ferry people to hospitals And he also admitted he would consider suspending ­non-emergency surgery if hospital staff walk out.He said: “We will continue with health boards to put in contingency should the worst happen.

But we can’t get away from the fact that even with all that contingency in place, a strike would be really ­catastrophic for our health service given the pressures we are under.”Asked about calling in the Army should the strike proceed, Yousaf said: “The message very fairly from the MoD is they are under significant pressure.

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