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Kirk Hammett says Metallica “warned everyone” of the issues with streaming

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett says he believes the band warned people that streaming services “wouldn’t work” as a new form of business.“We warned everyone that this was gonna happen,” Hammett told Classic Rock in a new interview. “We warned everyone that the music industry was gonna lose 80 percent of its net worth, power and influence.

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David Bowie claimed ghost of his dad 'phoned him every day for a week' after death
David Bowie claimed that the ghost of his dad phoned him every day for a week after he died.The singer was “convinced” it was his father on the line from beyond the grave because the phone rang at the exact same time each day.Bowie’s drummer pal John Cambridge revealed it happened after Bowie and his band moved into a country house in Derbyshire.He said: “Haddon Hall was certainly an old and atmospheric place and had a spooky kind of Gothic feel with a dark, sweeping staircase and big, stained glass windows.“I personally never felt there was anything supernatural about it, even though [producer] Tony Visconti seems convinced there was a ghost there.“David confided in me that the telephone rang at 5.30pm every day for a week just after his father died, on 5 August 1969.“He said nobody ever answered when he said ‘Hello’, and he was convinced that it was his dad, letting him know that everything was okay.”Bowie’s dad Haywood ‘John’ Jones was just 56 when he died, while the Starman passed away in January 2016 two days after his 69th birthday.Haywood is said to have died of pneumonia at their family home in Bromley, with David previously speaking to writer Hanif Kureishi about the loss of his father.He said in 1993: "It was at a point where I was just beginning to grow up a little bit and appreciate that I would have to stretch my hand a little for us to ever get to know each other."He just died at the wrong damn time, because there were so many things I would have loved to have said to him and asked him about."David tragically died years later in January 2016 after suffering from liver cancer for 18 months.He died two days after the release of his 26th studio album, Blackstar, which was released on his 69th birthday.For more