Gianmarco Tamberi: Last News


Italian high jumper who secured historic gold sets off airport metal detector with medal

Daily Star's biggest headlines straight to your inbox!Olympic high-jumper Gianmarco Tamberi presented his Tokyo 2020 gold medal at customs after setting off the airport metal detector.Tamberi, 29, became a world-wide icon when he and Mutaz Barshim, 30, agreed to share a gold medal on Sunday after both failed to clear the top height in the final high-jump event.The Italian has since made his way home from the games to celebrate with his family and friends, but not before having some fun at the airport.He recorded a video on Instagram which showed him going through customs with a bag and an upside-down tray which were being checked by security.The officer asked him to show the contents of the tray setting off the metal detector, which he

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