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You're poaching eggs wrong - simple trick makes them perfect every time

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cooking the white exterior and keeping the entire thing in tact.To try and make things easier chef Kelly Scott has revealed a trick to ensure you get perfect eggs every time - and the hack has been dubbed "fool proof."READ MORE:You've been slicing red onions wrong – chef says you should never cut rootChef Scott actually previously worked on a breakfast service, which means she's whipped up more than a few poached eggs in her time.

There are lots of different ways you can poach an egg, but the savvy chef recommends the "sieve method" for an easier time in the kitchen.Luckily for us, she showed people how to do it via her TikTok channel.

All you need to do is crack an egg into a fine mesh strainer – or sieve – to get rid of the loose parts of the egg white.This will also work to keep the firm parts in place, and the chef said it will help to keep it "more uniform."Next you need to make sure your water is heated to around 80ºC, which means it should bubble gently.Then you just need to stir and whisk the water before pouring the egg into the middle of the swirl.Once this is done you can swirl the egg a little more if you wish - even Chef Scott said she "likes the shape it gives" when it's swirled.After the whites have formed you can then raise the egg from the bottom to ensure nothing sticks.

It should only take two or three minutes to cook - if you tap the yolk you should feel it jiggle when the white becomes more solid.

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