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Woman with acne embraces natural skin by ditching Instagram filters

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Instagram filters and embraced her natural skin. Blogger and skin activist Kadeeja Sel Khan opened up about how the decision has changed her since she took the leap of faith, and learned to love herself.

She said she started out as a young girl with "zero confidence" – but now wants to promote body positivity by embracing her natural features and being her true self.Writing on Instagram, Kadeeja said: "I feel like a new human.

It’s a weird thing to explain, but I feel like I’m having an outer of body experience. I grew up a girl that had 0 confidence. "A girl that thought the absolute worst of herself.

A girl that was used to words like 'Ugly & Spotty'. "That if you told me ‘you look pretty’ or ‘you’re beautiful’ I would think you’re making fun of me.

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