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Woman takes pics seconds apart to show angle most influencers 'don't show'

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Raising Romey on Instagram, works to promote self love and mid-size fashion to her 8,000 followers.She regularly shares body positive snaps and encourages women to learn to love all their wobbly bits.READ MORE: Plus size model wears racy corset to celebrate 'thicc' curves in body positive postIn a recent post, she revealed just how easy it can be to cover up the bigger parts of your body with a simple trick.She posted two pictures of herself wearing the same outfit side-by-side to show how different our bodies can look by posing differently, and wearing clothes in specific ways.Brooke modelled casual jeans and a beige cropped vest in the candid snaps - one showed her high-waisted jeans yanked up to cover her belly, while the other showed her with the jeans unzipped, standing sideways, to expose the natural shape of her tum.In other words, opting for a high-waisted fit – and facing the front of the camera to take the snaps, helped her body to look leaner.

Writing on Instagram, Brooke said: "What you saw on my story this morning vs what you didn’t!"Just here to highlight that we don’t always see the full picture - so don’t compare yourself to everything you see online!"Since she shared the candid snaps many people have liked the post, and thanked Brooke for her honest approach to social media.People have said they "needed" to hear the words to get through the day.One person said: "Either way you look lovely and a lot fresher than I do."A second commented: "Needed this."A third added: "Looks exactly like my belly."READ NEXT:Plus size model goes topless to embrace size 18 curves and says she's 'at peace''I met dream man in Morrisons queue and now give him up to 100 erections a day'Woman who tattooed 99% of body finds it.

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