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Woman 'shaken' after finding mysterious object hidden inside a Tampax tampon

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TikTok with a video of her opening up the tampon, which had a different colour applicator than the rest of the ones in the box as she hoped to get some answers.In the video, which has now amassed more than 1.1million likes, she opened up the tampon and allegedly discovered a small metal item hiding inside.She said: "So I was just going to the bathroom like normal, and I was putting in a tampon.

I grabbed one from my Tampax bag because there is a shortage, so I’ve been using Tampax, not my organic, and look at this.READ MORE: Penniless girls on periods forced to use cow poo and newspapers to stop blood leaking“You can clearly see that the colour of the actual tampon, they’re all purple, every single Tampax is purple, these are supers.

Then I found this. I thought, maybe it’s a new colour, so then I took it out and um, what? So I just opened it up, what is that?”The now-viral video, which has been viewed 8.4 million times, received more than 9,000 comments from concerned followers as some suggested it could be a tracking device.One user wrote: "My brain instantly said, tracker."Another added: "Imagine some younger girl not knowing that isn’t unusual and using it"A third commented: "I know accidents happen, but women already have enough to worry about.”However, in a follow-up video, Celia explained that she didn't buy the box of tampons but was actually given them by a friend who works at the Tampax factory.She said: "Tampax send me a prepaid mailing bag to send them the tampon and the contents.

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