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Woman 'sets house on fire with person inside and pulls up a chair to watch it burn'

setting a house alight with people trapped inside before camping outside to watch the building burn.Gail Metwally was caught on camera by a neighbour lounging in the chair with a book on her lap when the house went up in flames on Thursday.The woman was arrested for attempted murder after a person was trapped inside at the time of the blaze.The 47-year-old watched on as her home in Elkton, Maryland, turned into a horrific fireball.Fire crews rushed to the scene at around 1.15pm local time as locals stood on the sidelines in disbelief.Metwally is alleged to have set multiple fires inside the building before strolling outside and observing her 'work' from a chair on the grass.A man who took footage of the incident can be heard shouting: "She.

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