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Woman nearly died having an orgasm after hearing terrifying 'pop' in her chest

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orgasm came close to claiming the life of a woman during sex.She felt a "pop" as she climaxed which the medical professionals have since said was in fact a life-threatening injury to her heart artery.The 45-year-old, who has not been named, was having sex with her husband with her “legs pressed against her chest” when the terrifying injury was sustained, the Mail reports. READ MORE: Man left with broken 'aubergine' penis after hearing it 'crack' during 'vigorous' sex As she reached the orgasm, a strong and stabbing pain was felt in her chest, accompanied by the popping sound.Her blood pressure was found to be 220/140mmHg following tests at her local hospital in Mississippi, USA.The doctors there found that her aorta, the largest artery in the body at over an inch wide, had a leak in it.Her condition is called an aortic intramural haematoma and can lead to a full tear of the aorta.Around 40 per cent of people who suffer a full tear of the aorta are killed instantly.High blood pressure can cause an area of the aorta to weaken over time, increasing the likelihood of it tearing - leading to an aortic intramural haematoma.One common activity known to put extra pressure on the blood vessels is heavy weight lifting, while the “sheer stress” of sex can also be enough to cause a break - as was the case for the Mississippi woman, doctors said.She required blood pressure-lowering treatment but was discharged from the hospital three days later.

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