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Woman left 'deformed' by sun poisoning on holiday after face doubled in size

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A woman who was left 'deformed' by sun poisoning says she feared trying to get back home from her holiday. Kayleigh O'Donnell, 21, says her face doubled in size leaving her looking nothing like her passport picture for her flight back home.

The incident occurred whilst the 21-year-old was on holiday in Gran Canaria with her boyfriend Mitchell. The couple had booked a three-day trip in September to surprise her family whilst they were on a trip, reports Derbyshire Live.

The holidaymaker says she lathered on factor 50 sunscreen for a day out on a boat trip and doing water sports. However, despite wearing lotion, Kayleigh says she still noticed a bit of sun burn on her skin in the evening.She said: "I'm very pale and fair skinned anyway and tend to get burnt quite quickly.

We went on a boat trip and were out for quite a few hours and went back to the resort that night."I was a little bit burnt but nothing bad.

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