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Woman leaves boyfriend's family dinner after his father tells her to be quiet over meal

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A woman was left gobsmacked after she met her boyfriend's family for the first time over dinner and was told to be quiet by his father.

The incident left the woman feeling uncomfortable and she felt like she needed to remove herself from the situation as a result, the Mirror reports.

She took to Reddit's 'Am I the a**hole' forum to rant about the way her boyfriend's family had treated her. She described them to be 'lovely and talkative' before their meal but explained that as soon as they said a prayer before they ate, they completely changed into different people.

The woman said the prayer 'wasn't a cultural thing', but she was made to feel in the wrong for how she behaved. She wrote: "Am I the a**hole for leaving after being told to be quiet at dinner?"My (F21) boyfriend (M24) of almost a year, invited me to dinner with his family. (Mum, dad, and his 16yr old brother.) Never met them prior to that. "The only thing I knew about them is that they’re conservative and Christian but lovely people.

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