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Woman electrocuted while hoovering her lawn was 'saved by £30 Puma sliders'

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Yorkshire Live on the incident and just what the sensation of being electrocuted is really like.READ MORE: Loyal dog guarded seriously-injured owner for 36 hours after 200ft fall, alerted walkersShe said: "I was in my garden vacuuming my artificial grass and my extension lead was plugged in too.

I had finished vacuuming the grass and went to unplug the extension and the back plastic bit must have been loose."I didn't know and I grabbed it and it fell off while I had hold of the plug and I got electrocuted and I got flung back into my wall."The pain was like a dull ache and a massive tingle through my body and it was like electricity going through my arms."I was running up and down my kitchen.

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