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Woman baffles doctors by only growing one boob through puberty

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READ MORE: Man born with no collarbones crushes can of fizzy drink with shoulders"I went to my doctor and they said 'you haven't finished going through puberty yet', 'it's fine', 'it will grow'," Becca detailed."At around 16, or 17 years old, I went back and they said the same thing but it was becoming more noticeable."I had to stuff my bra with socks and I was wearing turtlenecks to hide it because i didn't want anybody to know."She ended up researching online and was led to believe she had Poland syndrome.Becca told her doctor and went through countless referrals, meeting five different GP doctors, three nurses, two breast specialists and a surgeon.

Doctors were still not certain if her condition was 100% Poland syndrome, a condition where a child is born with missing or under-developed chest muscles."I gave up and stopped going back to hospitals," the young woman said. "I decided to find a community of people like me and ask them how it affects them and work it out for myself."One of the doctors even told me that I could name the condition because it was probably something that only I have - they still don't know why it happens."But I've just accepted that."She now feels comfortable enough to share her medical condition to others and dress up in low-cut tops. "This is a reminder that whether you have a big chest, small chest, or one of each – you should be able to wear whatever clothes you like as long as it makes you feel comfortable, confident and supported," she said.READ NEXT:.

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