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Woman, 21, with million pound wardrobe 'won't shop at Primark or Michael Kors'


A 21-year-old woman with a million pound wardrobe says she refuses to shop in Primark and only wears clothes once before giving them away.

Saffron Drewitt-Barlow claims Primark is one of many budget shops that she refuses to spend her money in and prefers Chanel dresses and $50,000 trainers over bargain finds.

The 21-year-old's parents Tony and Barrie Drewitt-Barlow made history in the late 90s when they became the first gay men in the UK to father children through surrogacy.

Saffron, whose parents are multi-millionaires, can comfortably splash her cash on designer clothes and accessories. But she reportedly only wears the clothes once so that when she's done with them she can divvy them out to her mates instead of returning them.

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