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William Sitwell reviews Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat: ‘Like the show, the restaurant is quality bonkers’

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a global hit on Amazon Prime. And because Clarkson’s Farm went down so well, a new season is being filmed, which means they need new content.

So having done shite weather, big tractors not fitting in sheds, and a farm shop that sells only potatoes, the producers have scratched their heads and decided that Jeremy should do something really stupid: so he’s opening a restaurant.Now, I thought season one was utterly wonderful, so I was excited about the Diddly Squat restaurant.

Having tussled with the planning authorities, Clarkson discovered that under ‘permitted development’ he could open a restaurant in what had recently been a farm building sheltering animals.So we arrived – you’ll know you’re there because of the bollards lining the road around the farm, and the hordes of tourists – and checked in with a youth in a small wooden shelter.

He was with two other men holding walkie-talkies, and there were about five or six other people apparently working here – directing traffic, people and so on.The restaurant has no alcohol licence so I bought ciders and lagers for my party of four from a bar behind the shop (there’s no wine on sale), and we waited until our trailer was ready to depart.It’s a short drive away from the grockles to the centre of a field where a pretty, pale stone structure has been manicured, with smart tables, nice gravel, new lawn turf and a professional-looking kitchen.

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