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What Alanis Morissette actually reveals in shocking doc she disowned

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about being sexually taken advantage of by unnamed figures in the music industry when she was a teenager. The film is otherwise celebratory and innocuous.‘They’re all pedophiles.

All statutory rape.’“On one level, I thought this is dream come true stuff,” Morissette, 47, says in the film of her burgeoning fame. “This is [the] catalyst, beginning of the life of my dreams.

And on another hand it was, like, where is my protection? Where is everybody?”Morissette recalls her painful memories in “Jagged” that everything changed for the worse when she was 15, several years before she released her seminal album “Jagged Little Pill.”“Something about me being 15 — that’s when I really started to be hit on,” she says. “Twelve, they were a little.

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