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US caregiver shortage impacting 65 and older population

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Seattle, WA – Marcela Hoag and her parents have been trying to find a caregiver in Seattle for months. So far, no luck.    "They just can’t find someone that’s well-trained and ready to do the job," Hoag said. "We’ve posted multiple announcements that we’re looking for caregivers.

It’s been a challenge for sure."  Henry Katimbo has been a caregiver in Seattle for six years. Because of the shortage, he’s covering more hours than before the pandemic.  "I used to do only 40 hours, but now I do more than 60 hours," Katimbo said. "I almost do the entire week." Henry Katimbo has been a caregiver in Seattle for six years (Fox News) Katimbo helps clients eat, get dressed and move around.

He says it’s important to have a connection with the clients and their families.  "You need to be a friend," Katimbo said. "You need to be like more of a relative.

So once you’re in there, you need to make sure that you fit into the system of that particular place."  Hoag agrees, which is part of the reason she and her parents haven’t been able to find the right caregiver.

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