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Ukraine-Russia war 'could all be over by Christmas', says US military expert

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First World War, the Second World War and now it’s being promised about the war in Ukraine. Ben Hodges, former commander of US forces in Europe, said that Russia’s front line was collapsing, and by late December Ukraine could have pushed the Russians back to where they were before the invasion. “Based on all the things we are seeing it has the feeling of a collapse, at least in the Donbas area, and I do believe the Russians will be pushed beyond the February 23 line by the end of the year,” he said.

He added that Putin’s invasion force looked like “an army that’s been defeated.” READ MORE: 'Nuclear Armageddon' warning issued by Biden as he says 'Putin isn't bluffing' Ben believes that Crimea will be the last bastion of Russian resistance in Ukraine, simply because that’s where the cream of Putin’s forces is concentrated.However, he adds that the Ukrainians can retake Kherson – a possibility which is looking increasingly likely – then targets in Crimea will fall within the 50-mile range of the new long-range multiple rocket launchers supplied by Britain and America.“Once they do, the people in Crimea are trapped,” Ben told The Times.The destruction of the Kerch bridge between Russia and Crimea will hamper efforts to resupply Putin’s garrison in the territory, which he annexed from Ukraine in 2014.However, not all military experts agree with Ben’s analysis.

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