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Tot found wandering alone in the street in his pyjamas

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Concerns were raised after a tot was discovered wandering alone in the street dressed in his pyjamas. On January 12, a message was posted on the local social networking platform,

A man said that he found the toddler, aged two, in the Allerton area of Liverpool, as reported by Liverpool Echo. The message said that the child had been found at around 2.10pm, adding: " Police are knocking door to door to try and find the parents. "Could everybody please check door cameras etc to see if he walked past.

If you know anything relevant please call 999."Thankfully, a short time later, the same poster returned to comment that the boy's parents had been found and it was 'all sorted.'The situation was then fully explained as the boy's relieved father posted in the same discussion thread.He said: "Thank you so much for this message."I took my dog for a walk whilst my wife and two sons had a lunchtime snooze upstairs."We have child locks on our front door but we can not lock them from outside of the house."After my walk I assumed everyone was upstairs asleep."Our sons have found a way to unlock the front door."Our 2 year old son has let himself out for a tour."He added: "Thank you for this message, and the kind people of Ambleside for looking after (my son) who was understandably upset."The father thanked the 'excellent' police and ambulance staff and said he and his wife were 'understandably mortified' but very grateful to the man who found his child and the community who helped.A number of other posters were very pleased to see a happy ending.One said: "Thank God he’s ok and with his family."Another added: "You’ll laugh about this when he’s older.

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